Unforgettable Women

Unforgettable Women

Each of these women had an idea, or a cause, even a dream. Although they were not guaranteed acceptance or recognition for their much deserved accomplishments they still persevered. They did so behind a wall, a wall that men did not permit them to even peer over. Instead of standing passively behind it, they opted to climb it. Here is what they found on the other side ...

Please select the appropriate response, out of the three choices. You will be establishing which accomplishment is a fact about each of the women individually named per question.


Ida Rosenthal invented:

the bra
ladies stockings
garter belts
I don't know

Anne Newport Royall was the first:

woman to be tried in court
female judge
female American journalist
I don't know

Anne Lohman was an:

acknowledged mistress of a president
I don't know

Katherine Mccormick was a:

financial backer of a Typhoid fever cure
financial backer for the Pill
financial backer for the college of engineering
I don't know

Lucy Stone was the first:

female to be hanged
female to keep her maiden name
female to divorce a man
I don't know

Victoria Woodhull was the first:

female to participate in a protest
female not to have her novel published under an alias
female to run for President
I don't know

Florence Lawrence was:

the first movie star
proprietor of the most lavish brothel in the world
the first model to reveal her legs
I don't know

Virginia Apgar:

devised vital medical tests for new born babies
produced the first effective anesthetic to be used during childbirth
shaped the military strategy that won the war
I don't know

Sophie Germain was the:

founder of the first woman's hospital
founder of mathematical physics
founder of the first children's orphanage
I don't know

Rosalind Franklin

was a Revolutionary War heroine
was a Socialite turned explorer
co-discovered DNA
I don't know
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