Wild World of Music

Wild World of Music

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Who wrote the lyrics in the Broadway musical "Cats"?

W.H. Auden
T.S. Eliot
Cole Porter
Dylan Thomas
I don't know

In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph for playing back stored sound. What was the first recording that he made?

"Mary had a little lamb"
"Danny boy"
"Row, row, row your boat"
"Happy birthday to you"
I don't know

Who composed the opera "Don Carlo"?

Amadeus Mozart
Giacomo Puccini
Giuseppe Verdi
Aaron Copeland
I don't know

Who was known as the Empress of the Blues?

Billie Holiday
Big Mama Thornton
Aretha Franklin
Bessie Smith
I don't know

Louis Armstrong's nickname was:

Howlin' Wolf
I don't know

Bird was the nickname of which famous jazz musician?

Charlie Parker
Miles Davis
Buddy Rich
John Coltrane
I don't know

The first 'concept' album in rock n' roll history was:

Are you Experienced?
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The White Album
The Who Sell Out
I don't know

The Oud is:

An instrument used in East Asia with a sound barely perceptible by the human ear
A stringed instrument originating in South-West Asia and North Africa
An East-African dance to complex drumbeats
A particular kind of epic opera popular in Scandinavia
I don't know

What is a crescendo?

A gradual increase in volume
A gradual decrease in volume
A gradual increase in tempo
A gradual decrease in tempo
I don't know

Which of the following people played a key role in the technological development of the electric guitar?

Jimi Hendrix
Les Paul
Eric Clapton
Andrés Segovia
I don't know
Be mindful of the words you use to describe yourself.
"Knowledge is like underwear. It's useful to have it, but not necessary to show it off."
Author Unknown
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