Word Blitz

Word Blitz

Choose the best definition for each word by clicking on the corresponding button. The answer key will be provided after the quiz is scored. Expand your vocabulary!


A gammon is:

A type of Mongolian lizard
A side of bacon
An alcoholic cocktail
A kind of card game
A board game played on a checkered surface
I don't know

A pessary is:

An intensive aerial campaign
A vaginal suppository
An implement used to pound or grind substances in a mortar
A contagious or infectious epidemic
I don't know

An adder is:

A special ladder used for cleaning windows
An instrument for performing calculations
A type of snake
A tuberous vegetable
I don't know

A haberdasher:

Survives by stealing from others
Bakes gourmet bread and pastries
Shines shoes
Sells men's clothing and accessories
I don't know

A brioche is:

A young prostitute
A specially cut diamond
A light, slightly sweet bread
A semi-soft French cheese
I don't know

Abstruse means:

Absurd or meaningless
Difficult to comprehend
Causing agitation
Open to attack or damage
I don't know

To trammel is:

To enmesh or confine
To give motion to
To run fast
To jump into the air
To liberate from confinement
I don't know

A geisha is:

A Nepalese Buddhist Temple
A young deer
A Japanese girl or woman trained to entertain men
A very small slipper worn by Japanese women
A Chinese soup
I don't know

If you live in the boondocks, you live in:

A dangerous area
A densely populated area
A rural area
A country's capitol
A marshy area
Public housing projects
I don't know

A grotto is:

A cat
A small bat
An Italian white wine
A cave
A hollow tree
I don't know

A paroxysm is:

A hallucination
A sudden violent action or emotion
A persistent false psychotic belief
A blood transfusion
A state of frenzied excitement
I don't know

Nepotism is:

Rule by a tyrant or absolute ruler
Fairness and straightforwardness of manner (and sincerity)
Favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on family relationship
The state of being simple
I don't know

To be indomitable is:

To be cowardly
To be argumentative
To be dishonest
To be unconquerable
To be spiritless
I don't know

Avarice is:

I don't know

Altruism is:

An advocacy for the protection of the environment
A selfish disregard for the wellbeing of others
An advocacy for the sound treatment of animals
An unselfish regard for the wellbeing of others
I don't know
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