World Holidays

World Holidays

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Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) was a bishop named Nicholas. Where did he come from?

I don't know

What does the word Hanukkah mean?

I don't know

Which of the following countries celebrates St. Lucia Day on December 13, during which time little girls and boys bring cakes and coffee to hospitals, offices and factories?

I don't know

On November 5, people in England celebrate a holiday called Guy Fawkes Day. Who was Guy Fawkes?

A former British Prime Minister
A man who tried to blow up a government building
The man who invented fireworks
A famous clown from the eighteenth century
I don't know

Where does the holiday of April 1st (April Fool's Day) originate?

It was New Year's Day in sixteenth century France, until the Pope changed it. People who continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st were called fools.
It was the day of a great bank robbery attempt in London. The robbers were caught red-handed trying to leave the scene. They were called the April Fools and the name stuck.
The Aztec calendar calls April 1 "The Day of the Fool"
Romans who did not fight for Caesar were executed on April 1st of every year.
I don't know

Who is Black Peter in the Netherlands?

A bad spirit who visits children at Halloween
An elf that lives in the woods and steals things from houses
An old man who brings children candy
Santa Claus's helper who judges which children were bad during the year
I don't know

In the autumn, before the Days of the Dead celebration in Mexico, what symbolizes a visit from the souls of the dead?

Flowers, called abelia, that bloom at that time.
Monarch butterflies returning from Canada and the US
Warm winds that come in from the south
Snakes that migrate further south
I don't know

Why is one of the symbols of St.Patrick's Day a shamrock?

St. Patrick used it to teach the idea of the trinity
Shamrocks grew on St. Patrick's grave
It symbolized the unity of England, Ireland, and Wales.
St. Patrick always wore green and it was the most common green plant in Ireland during his time.
I don't know

Where does Halloween originate?

The Celtic celebration of the change from sun season to darkness
The Christian holiday of All Saints and All Soul's Day
The Roman celebration of Pomona Day
All of the above
I don't know

Where does the symbol of the Easter Bunny come from?

A British legend in which a large rabbit hops through the moors of the English countryside when Spring has arrived.
A German legend of a poor woman who decorated eggs for her children to find during a famine. When they found them, they saw a big bunny hopping away.
A Grimm's fairytale about the strange rabbit-chicken who could only be seen by young children.
No one knows!
I don't know
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