Year 2000 World Events

Year 2000 World Events

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In February, which country was devastated by massive floods?

I don't know

Who received the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2000?

John Hume and David Trimble for efforts to find a peaceful solution to conflict in Northern Ireland
South Korea's President Kim Dae Jung for gestures of peace towards North Korea
Princess Diana (in memoriam) for landmine campaigning
Bill Clinton for peace negotiations in Israel
I don't know

Which cult was responsible for the death of 778 members in Uganda?

Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments
The Doomsday Cult
The People's Temple
Solar Temple
I don't know

At the XXVII Summer Olympics, staged in Sydney in September, how many medals did Marion Jones take home?

four golds
one gold and one bronze
three silvers
three golds and two bronzes
I don't know

How many days after the election was George W. Bush finally proclaimed President of the USA?

15 days
24 days
35 days
55 days
I don't know

In what country have 12-year-old twins Luther and Johnny Htoo formed God's Army of the Holy Mountain, a guerilla group who have killed soldiers and captured a hospital?

Myanmar (known as Burma)
I don't know

What is especially amazing about Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France in July?

He is a cancer survivor.
He had never competed in a cycling competition before.
He had a broken arm.
He is only 18 years old.
I don't know

What is believed to have caused Air France Concorde Flight 4590 to catch fire on takeoff and crash in a nearby town?

A bomb
A computer malfunction
A faulty engine
A tire blowout that ruptured a fuel tank
I don't know

Where did the Russian submarine the Kursk sink?

Barents Sea
Kara Sea
Laptev Sea
East Siberian Sea
I don't know

History was made on July 2 when Vicente Fox Quesada was elected President of Mexico. Why was it significant?

Vicente Fox Quesada was a shoe-shiner before he got involved in politics.
It was the first election the Institutional Revolutionary Party had lost in 71 years.
Vincente Fox Queseda is originally from Spain, not Mexico.
It was the first election the Institutional Revolutionary Party had ever won.
I don't know
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