Methamphetamine addiction


Methamphetamine addiction


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What is the success rate of rehabilitation of long term methamphetamine addiction?


    Women Improving Self Harmony,

As a substance abuse counselor in Arizona, which has the 3rd largest methamphetamine drug distribution, in the country. We work with clients daily for abuse of methamphedamines. Many of my clients come from the criminal justice system having inevitably exposed themselves to illegal elements in search of sustaining their addiction.

For those who are not familiar with the drug I will define it. Methamphedamine-also known as crank, crystal meth, ice and a variety of other names-is a psycho-stimulant in the amphetamine family. The mass appeal is because it can be snorted, smoked or injected. Methamphetamines are not new to the market of drug trafficking. But are relatively new to the mainstream of substances abusers. Primary users are unfortunately women crossing all social status. The upper income woman is lured to the drug as a means to lose weight, while a woman from a lower social income chooses the drug as a means in which to work multiple tasks and endure long periods of sleeplessness. This is not to say that men do not opt for methamphetamines as a drug of choice. Men are lured to the drug as a means for which to seemingly increase sexual stimulation and the again for enduring long periods of sleeplessness. Meth is typically an inexpensive drug, making it attractive to all users.

Unfortunately, each person man or woman who scrums to the use of the drug within a relatively short period of time is caught in a spiraling downward trend of addiction. It produces a very jittery high that with extreme use produces feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Even in small doses, symptoms of methamphetamine use include increased alertness and physical activity, aggression, confusion, paranoia and mood elevation.

The success rate of recovery for any drug, is in my opinion no greater than the other. It is the reality of substance abuse and addiction that 75% of people who attempt to quit experience a relapse, at some point. Most recovering persons experience 4 relapses prior to long periods of abstinence. For the addicted. recovery is a life long process. It is also standard that most people who attempt to quit a particular drug of choice, do so with out formulated methods and without establishing a support mechanism. The lack of having an effective plan and a strong support mechanism are the primary reasons that lead to relapse.

Below are steps to begin the recovery process:

  1. The first thing anyone must do to change negative addictions is to be willing to stop. Recovery begins with abstinence. There is no internal help to do this. You are the sole facilitator of consuming any drug.
  2. Attend a support group. The best place to find out how to recover is somewhere you can be with people who have been in the same situation as you. Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous (AA & NA) are prime examples of support groups that work. The more you talk with recovering people, the more you can learn from them.
  3. Get counseling. Go to one-on-one counseling sessions at least once a week, and more often if you can. Counseling will help you work on issues that may cause problems in recovery. Counseling will also help you understand how to replace the desire to use drugs with methods to build a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    We work with clients both on and off the Internet. I find that working with people over the internet allows not only for autonomy but enables our clients to fully disclose the extent of their use. Many people hide their addiction, whether it be to food, sex or drugs from the people that are closest to them. By counseling or coaching over the Internet, clients are able to expose themselves in an arena that is void of speculation and enables them to completely focus on the issues at hand.

    Women Improving Self woman at a time.

This question was answered by Women Improving Self Harmony who provide a motivational approach to counseling. They work individually with women who are ready to create better lives for themselves by overcoming the past, building a future and learning from lessons to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Our Professional and Personal Mission statement is to allow women to sing from within, create there own personal harmony as we create our own. Our style provides one-on-one ventilation. One -on- one ventilation is making known to another your true self. With several counselors and personal life coaches we provide a gamut of services on a variety of issues.


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