My mom hates my boyfriend


My mom hates my boyfriend


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My mother hates my boyfriend and he really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She does not like him because he did not graduate, but the same year he quit high school he went to adult-education. She has no right to treat him the way that she does.

What can I do to get my mother to accept him?


    Tina Reed, MA, LPC

Explain to your mom what you just told me, that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. Tell her why you feel this way; and it hurts you when she rejects him, especially for something like not finishing high school. I mean, it would be different if mom knew something about him that you were unaware of and could hurt you in the long run {that is, drug or gang involvement, etc.} But since this is not the case, point out all of his good qualities ... how he treats you and how that makes you feel. Also mention that he did earn his GED by attending adult education; and this is an indication of his desire to be somebody and make something good of his life. You might mention what he does for a living; and what his plans for the future are. If mom gets to know your boyfriend better, I am sure her opinion of him will soon change. Give it time; it may not happen overnight. Good Luck to you both!

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