Am I pregnant?


Am I pregnant?


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My boyfriend and I had sex last night and he said that he forget to pull out.

Could I get pregnant?


    Bob Rich, Ph.D.

My dear,

First, this does NOT mean that you are automatically pregnant. Women may have sex for years without having a child, and a lot depends on what time of the month it was for you. However, withdrawal does not protect you from pregnancy. He may ejaculate outside the vagina, but you can still get pregnant. He can also rub his penis against your vulva without penetration and you can get pregnant. So if you don't want a child, in the future it must be "No condom, no fun". This is a good idea in any case because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

There are readily available tests for pregnancy; you can buy a kit over the counter. It is usually a "stick" you urinate on (depending on the type) - if it changes color, you are pregnant. Do this as soon as you can. If the result is negative, you have peace of mind, and a warning to be more in control in the future. If the result is positive, you have a serious choice to make: to terminate the pregnancy, or to have the baby. Only you can make this choice, although your boyfriend has a responsibility too.

Good luck!


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