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Energy Therapy


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I read a brief description of energy therapy which Dr. Bryan Knight mentioned on your web site. I am interested in finding out some information regarding energy therapy. Maybe you can get me started. Thanks.


    Bryan M. Knight, Ph.D.

Energy therapy is the broad name given to a number of approaches which promise to revolutionize psychotherapy. Based on the Westernized understanding of Chinese medicine, these techniques typically produce an 80 to 90% success rate, frequently in a few minutes.

Sounds unbelievable? Yes. But it works. Similar to acupuncture and acupressure, energy therapies are based on the concept of energy meridians running through our bodies. Trauma, or negative emotions, put these out of balance but by tapping on the ends of certain meridians with the tips of two of your fingers, the problem is quickly solved.

There are many versions of this practice. One of the simplest is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) by Gary Craig (an engineer). With this method, you repeat a phrase while you tap. The phrase is "Even though I (am afraid of heights, or am angry at my husband . . or whatever your specific issue is...) I deeply and completely accept myself."

Gary Craig has a website at He learned about energy therapy from Roger Callaghan, a psychologist who built on the work and theories of Dr [Jack?] Diamond to develop what was first known as The Callaghan Techniques and is now known as Thought Field Technology.

Dr Callaghan used to charge $10,000 for a weekend training. And $100,000 for his "Voice Technology". Gary Craig and others, such as Dr Fred Gallo (who has a brand new book out, called, you guessed it, "Energy Psychology") took the training and bought the Voice Technology. They then went on to develop simplified versions of what they'd learned from Dr Callaghan.

Although it seems weird to tap on designated spots (on your face, collar-bone, etc) the weirder thing is that very often it works, and quickly. Unlike psychotherapy, or even hypnotherapy, the process usually takes minutes, not hours or weeks.

Skeptical Enquirer magazine claims there is no scientific evidence to support the notion of energy meridians running through our bodies. Furthermore, some of the other things which the skeptics question are advocated by many energy therapy practitioners: dowsing, intention, surrogate muscle testing, spoon bending, for example.

Despite the qualms this arouses within me, I now routinely use EFT, which I renamed Positive Energy Techniques, to end headaches, phobias and anxiety.

We ran a non-scientific experiment at the WestSide medical clinic with these Techniques. The first person, after perhaps 10 minutes of the procedure, ended a 14-year fear of going to a movie theatre and being outside in the dark (at night). Each of the clerical staff has used the techniques (maximum of 15 minutes practice) to respectively end fear of public speaking, stress headaches and anger eruptions.

How it works is a question which intrigues me. Whether the Chinese medicine explanation is correct, or whether this is some speeded-up form of hypnotherapy or simply suggestion and a harnessing of the placebo effect, who knows?

I do want to mention that Gary Craig offers courses by video on his EFT. Unlike most innovators, he questions everything and is open to queries and criticisms.

Dr. Knight

This question was answered by Dr. Bryan M. Knight. Bryan M. Knight, MSW, Ph.D., holds a degree in psychology from Sir George Williams University, a Master's in social work from McGill University, and a doctorate in counseling from Columbia Pacific University for his dissertation, “Professional Love: The Hypnotic Power of Psychotherapy”. His 39 years in private practice have taught him to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, and how to strengthen the client's positive values. Dr. Knight's innovation, NetHypnosis ™, offers therapeutic hypnosis to the public over the Internet. For people looking for a hypnotherapist in their hometown, Dr. Knight has created The International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists. He is the author of numerous articles and several books, including "The People Paradox", "The Laughter Book", "Enjoying Single Parenthood", "Love, Sex & Hypnosis: Secrets of Psychotherapy", "Health and Happiness with Hypnosis", and "How to Avoid a Bad Relationship".For more information visit:

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