How can I stop eating?


How can I stop eating?


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My problem basically is that I eat when I'm:

  1. bored
  2. depressed
  3. happy
  4. lonely
  5. hungry
  6. not hungry

I basically really love food and enjoy what I am eating. I don't particularly pig out on chocolate or sweets, I am more fond of savory stuff. Oh, and beer. I am 5ft 2 and weigh approximately 11 stone which is far too much. I used to be 9 stone, about 2 and a half years ago, which was lovely.

How can I stop eating?


    Women Improving Self Harmony,

Food can be an incredible and powerful catalyst. Each culture has their own culinary flavors and trends and experiencing all of the different types and blending can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, many individuals enjoy indulging more than they should to the detriment of the health. In some cases, the act of eating is not a reaction to hunger but rather a reaction to a need to feel some sense of control. Eating is something each person controls for his or herself. It is one of the few things in life that you are in complete control over. You decide what to eat, when and how much.

Most people are not happy with the feeling of hunger and end up overeating. Some individuals, however, do the opposite and stop or alter their eating patterns altogether, frequently developing anorexia or bulimia.

After a period of time, overeating can create habits which are conducive to continued overeating. For example, when a person eats more than they are used to, the stomach must stretch to accommodate the increase. When the stomach is stretched, and the amount of food consumed continues to fill or stretch the stomach, and the appetite grows. If the energy spent does not use up the calories consumed, it is stored in the body as fat for the body to use at a later date. As this cycle continues, there is weight gain.

Trying to lose weight from extended overeating is a very common problem. Consumers spend millions of dollars every year trying to find a solution to their overeating habits. I am not aware of any miracle treatment or quick fix for weight loss. There are many options out there and lots of help, such as exercise programs and equipment, weight loss clinics and programs, therapy (some individuals have undergone hypnosis), diet pills and supplements (for obesity, doctors may even prescribe different weight loss pills), support groups, healthy cooking classes, etc.

There are things you can do for yourself to change your eating habits, such as drinking more water, reducing caffeine and fat intake, eating smaller portions or not eating after early evening. As you are in control of your choices and what best fits into your life, you need to decide what option or combination of options best fit into your lifestyle. Setting small goals, which you can realistically achieve based on your lifestyle and personality, is the key.

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