Vomiting phobia


Vomiting phobia


your avatar   Lee, 17 year old woman

Hi! I'm 17 years old and I have had a huge fear of throwing up for 6 years. I'm embarrassed to even tell you I'm scared of throwing up because everybody I have told just laughs at me. You probably think I'm just scared of it. You don't understand how serious this is.

For the past 6 years all I have thought about every day was how scared I am of throwing up. Every single day I always worry 24/7 about if I will throw up, other people throwing up, and everything that has to do with throwing up. I've gone to many psychiatrists about this, but nobody helps. Some of them even laughed at me! I can't concentrate in school and I have severe panic attacks worrying about throwing up.

I wash my hands obsessively, so I won't get sick, and I always examine my food before I eat it because I'm scared it will be moldy and make me throw up. I even have a hard time saying the word throw up. My abnormal fear of throwing up and other people throwing up is taking my life away. It's very hard going through every day for 6 years day after day only thinking about this. This fear has caused me to do poorly in school, not be able to hang out with my friends, hating my life, being depressed all the time, not be able to eat, and just feel miserable all the time. Sometimes I just want to kill myself so I won't have to go through this anymore. This fear has taken over my life! I would do anything to have just one day where I'm not terrified of it and not constantly thinking about it. Please help me get over this! I don't even remember the day when I wasn't afraid of this. Please help me!!! I want my life back!! Thank You.


    Bryan M. Knight, Ph.D.

Your distress is evident . This is precisely the problem with phobias they spread to all areas of a person's life. I'm amazed that psychiatrists have laughed at you. This is shameful, deplorable and disgusting. Obviously you should stay away from psychiatrists. You can help yourself, though. My suggestions are:

1. That you seek out a competent hypnotherapist (there are guidelines on my site on how to do this - www.hypnosis.org

2. Learn EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (links on my site).

All the best. You can conquer this fear and live a full life.

This question was answered by Dr. Bryan M. Knight. Bryan M. Knight, MSW, Ph.D., holds a degree in psychology from Sir George Williams University, a Master's in social work from McGill University, and a doctorate in counseling from Columbia Pacific University for his dissertation, “Professional Love: The Hypnotic Power of Psychotherapy”. His 39 years in private practice have taught him to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, and how to strengthen the client's positive values. Dr. Knight's innovation, NetHypnosis ™, offers therapeutic hypnosis to the public over the Internet. For people looking for a hypnotherapist in their hometown, Dr. Knight has created The International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists. He is the author of numerous articles and several books, including "The People Paradox", "The Laughter Book", "Enjoying Single Parenthood", "Love, Sex & Hypnosis: Secrets of Psychotherapy", "Health and Happiness with Hypnosis", and "How to Avoid a Bad Relationship".For more information visit: http://www.hypnosis.org/


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