Cancer dream


Cancer dream


your avatar   Julie, 25 year old woman

I have had the same dream about 3 times: it is me in the dentist's chair and he is telling me that since I have so many cavities and I smoke, I automatically have cancer. I do have bad teeth and I smoke about a pack a day, but what is this dream telling me? I am cutting back on smoking and trying to quit because this dream really scared me. Thanks for your time.


    Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, LPC, LISAC, DCC

Dear Julie,

This is rather straight forward Julie. Many times dreams are just rambling nonsense because the mind never completely turns off. At times dreams have deep seated meaning that is symbolic in nature. Sometimes they are preparatory, such as when an athlete dreams about winning a race.

Some dream analysts stress the symbolism of the dream, and believe that certain characters always mean the same thing no matter who has the dream. Other analysts believe that all the characters in a dream are always a different aspect of the self.

In my view all of these schemas have some validity. I tend to distrust single answers and hard and fast rules, so for me it depends on the particular dream and the particular dreamer. However, I always pay special attention to the feeling the dreamer had in the dream. Often, I think it is the clue to the meaning of the dream when there is a deeper meaning.

Some people even believe that dreams predict the future. As special as they are, in the sense of giving us a deeper idea of what is going on, they are not magic. Nothing in life is fated to occur.

The dreams I enjoy best are the simple ones. This one sure seems simple. In your subconscious you have been registering the messages from the environment that smoking is dangerous and can at times be linked to cancer. So your subconscious is trying to scare you into not smoking. I hope it works.

This does not mean you have cancer or will get cancer whether you quit or not. Get scared, but not overly so. I don't think your subconscious necessarily knows if you have cancer or not. I think she does want you to quit however.

Good luck.

Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT

This question was answered by Jef Gazley M.S. Jef has practiced psychotherapy for twenty-five years, specializing in Love Addiction, Hypnotherapy, Relationship Management, Dysfunctional Families, Co-Dependency, Professional Coaching, and Trauma Issues. He is a trained counselor in EMDR, NET, TFT, and Applied Kinesiology. He is dedicated to guiding individuals to achieving a life long commitment to mental health and relationship mastery. His private practice locations are Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona. You can also visit Jef at the internettherapist, the first audiovisual mental health online counseling center on the net.For more information visit:


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