Vaginal Questions

Vaginal Questions


your avatar   Enyo, 32-year-old woman

Is it good to douche? Does eating sweets have an impact on how "wet" the vagina gets? Sex is very uncomfortable for me because I get very wet. Also, my boyfriend claims that I'm very loose. Is there a way I can tighten my vagina?


    Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., ACS Certified Sexologist

Douche only with water, no harsh chemicals. Your vagina has to maintain its own balance and you do not want to upset it. Eating sweets does not have anything to do with how wet you get.

There is not much a woman can do to tighen up. There are exercises know as the Kegel Exercise (search it on the web), but those will only make a small difference.

My best suggestion is to try different positions. Some will feel tighter to a man than will others. And don't worry about how wet you get. Wet is good!

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