Sexually deprived


Sexually deprived


your avatar   Dimonia, 26-year-old woman

I have been married for 8 years now to my best friend since childhood. It seems like every time we have sex he only thinks about his needs. I've tried talking to him about this but he just ignores me. There is no foreplay when we have sex. When I ask him for sex or tell him I'm in the mood, he says we'll do it when he's ready.

What should I do about this?


    Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., ACS Certified Sexologist

Get help from a qualified sex therapist, because if this man does not come to realize how important your desire for sexual pleasure is, you will grow to resent him, probably turn off completely, and the marriage is going to be in serious trouble. Get professional help before it is too late.

Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., is a retired sex therapist, now identifying himself as a sexologist and adult sexuality educator. He now devotes his time to writing educational and self-help books for adults.For more information visit:

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