Question about male anatomy

Question about male anatomy


your avatar   Mary Magdalene, 33-year-old woman

I am a very inquisitive person and I like to understand things better. So here goes: Why do overweight men have very small penises and thinner, funny-looking men have larger penises? I really would like to know.


    Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., ACS Certified Sexologist

This is not always true, but one thing that is true is that as a man adds belly fat, that fat moves out along the shaft of his penis, so if he is really heavy, only the head of his penis might be exposed. If you would push that fat back, you would see a lot of unexposed penis in there.

Skinny, funny-looking men with huge penises? Not sure about that either. Basically, not a good stereotype...every body part comes in different sizes and in different combinations. Fun question, however!

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