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Information for Counselors
The Bottom Line

We would like to offer you an opportunity to associate yourself with the #1 Mental Health website, in exchange for volunteer counseling work.

The Counseling Network is essentially an exchange of services. In exchange for two answered questions a month (each about one single-spaced page), we offer

  • A full paragraph describing your services and contact information at the bottom of each answered question.
  • A listing on the Counseling Network page endorsed by
  • A compact information page (specialty, approach, style of work, geographical location and pricing).
  • An occasional promotion of specific responses on Queendom's main page and in Queendom's e-mail newsletter.
  • Free promotion of the Counseling Network and all related pages.
Purpose of the Counselling Network
  • To offer a comprehensive referral service readily available to our visitors in need of counseling.
  • To provide our visitors with all the information they need to make an informed choice of a counselor based on her/his specialty, approach, style of work (samples published on, geographical location and pricing.
  • To offer free advice (posted in the Chaise Longue) on numerous typical problems that people have to face on a daily basis.
Who Would Be Interested
  • Counselors and mental health providers offering e-mail, online or phone counseling.
  • Authors or web publishers trying to promote their psychology or self-help-oriented site.
How Does It Work?

First, you need to apply for membership in the Counseling Network. If you are accepted, we will send you several URLs, among them the address of the Counseling Network Board where you can select the questions that you want to answer. The answers should be about one single-spaced page long, depending on the question. The bottom line is that you are not expected to fix all the person's problems at once. Rather, you should give them a few things to think about, a new perspective and some pointers on how and where they could start working on their problem. Keep in mind that this will be an example of your work, so try to make your answer representative of your approach or style.

The paragraph describing your contact information and your specialty will be displayed below each question that you answer and it will stay there even when you finish working with us (you can see such paragraphs in questions answered by other counselors).

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