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Roman gladiators greeted the organizer of the games (usually the Emperor) with the phrase "Morituri te salutamus!" before the battle began. What does this mean?

We are honored by your presence!
We will conquer!
We who are about to die salute you!
Honor to those who die!
I don't know

When a gladiator went down wounded, he was allowed to appeal for mercy before being killed. How did he do this?

By raising his sword
By raising one finger
By taking off his helmet
By saying the name of the Emperor
I don't know

The decision of whether the gladiator would be killed (after asking for mercy) usually depended on the crowd's wishes. How did the crowd express their desire for a gladiator to be spared?

a) Waving handkerchiefs
b) Pointing their thumbs upward
c) Clapping
d) Both a and b
I don't know

What does the Latin word "arena" mean?

Honor by death
Place of sin
I don't know

What does the Latin word "gladius", from which gladiator is derived, mean?

I don't know

If you were a spectator at a gladiator fight, which of the following might you see involved in the battle?

The Emperor
All of the above
I don't know

What is Spartacus famous for?

Leading a major gladiator revolt
Being the only gladiator to become a free man
Starting the first gladiator school
Killing Emperor Nero
I don't know

While many gladiators were criminals and slaves forced into the occupation, there were those who chose to join up. Which of the following conditions was NOT a part of the oath gladiators had to take?

Accept to be branded.
Accept to be chained.
Accept to pay for the food and drink they received with their blood.
Accept to suffer things even if they did not wish to.
They had to promise ALL of the above in their oath.
I don't know

What was Publius Ostorius, a gladiator at Pompeii, famous for?

Being the only gladiator to become a free man
Surviving 51 fights
Marrying the daughter of Emperor Diocletian
Leading the construction of the world's second biggest coliseum in El Jem, Tunisia
I don't know

There were different types of gladiators, depending on the type of weapons they used or the clothes they wore. If you were an "andabatae" gladiator, what would your gimmick be?

Fighting while wearing a helmet with no eyeholes
Fighting on horseback
Fighting with a lasso
Fighting in a chariot
I don't know
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