Treatment for endometriosis


Treatment for endometriosis


your avatar   Alicia, 27-year-old woman

I would like to find out information on alternative herbal treatments for endometriosis. I am hoping to use herbal remedies to dull the severe cramping and mood swings caused by endometriosis. I was diagnosed 7/97 and the pain is gradually returning. I fear that it will destroy my reproductive system causing infertility. I've tried using birth control and other western treatments unfortunately had poor results. If you could put me onto the right doctor or perhaps a herbal/alternative dietician or nutritionist, that would be greatly appreciated.

I need an alternative nutritionist, to guide me through herbal treatments to prevent the pain and mood swings of endometriosis.


    Leya Aum,

Dear Alicia,

I hope you've found the information you sought since you posted your question. I'm not a physician, nutritionist or herbalist. I'm responding to you from my personal experience as a woman. I had hemorrhaging of the endometrium for some years, however, it was not caused by endometriosis. Shepherd's purse and false unicorn helped me with the problem of bleeding most directly. I also studied herbal books and made tinctures from other herbs and I consulted a physician who is also an herbalist. Her name is Lois Johnson and she is in Sebastopol, CA, but I don't know if she is taking new patients or how she could examine you from where you are.

I'm a practitioner of a hands-on technique called Jin Shin Jyutu. One of the Jin Shin procedures, the 23-25 flow, would stop bleeding temporarily for me. The Jin Shin Jyutsu organization is located in Scottsdale, AZ and can give you the name of a practitioner in your area. I don't seem to have their address in front of me. I'm almost certain you will find Jin Shin Jyutu references on the Web. Jin Shin Jyutsu isn't Jin Shin Do, which is an offshoot with a similar name.

Herbs and mood swings, you've probably found St. John's wort and gingko. I'm sorry you are or were having pain. I don't know about that. Again, what I've said is only from my experience with my body. Personally, I like to seek alternative specialists who are also physicians if possible, so someone understands the way the alternative and Western supplements and treatments interact with each other.

All the best,

Leya Aum, MA, MFCC

This question was answered by Leya Aum. She is California licensed marriage, family, child counselor certified in clinical hypnosis. She teaches Feldenkrais Method® of Neuromuscular Relearning, is practitioner of the Bowen Technique and Jin Shin Jyutsu®. She is also human resources consultant, writer and editor.

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