Foot love


Foot love


your avatar   Confused Fetish Addict (29 year-old man) from U.S.A.

Since I was very young (at least 5), I have always had a fetish for women's feet. In fact they are the most important part of a female's anatomy to me. I have absolutely no desire to have normal sexual intercourse with a woman. I actually find the idea of sex and of the female genital area totally revolting.

I am asking why you think this might be and how I can have a normal sexual relationship. I can't even consider being with a girl if she does not have attractive, ticklish feet. I am embarrassed to get sexual with a woman and let her know about my passions because I am afraid of losing her by freaking her out. I have had my fetish accepted by a number of women but the lack of desire for regular sex has become a problem.


    Silicon Valley Relationship and Sexuality Center,

Dear Foot Fetishist,

Fetishes are characterized by a habitual erotic response to a non-erotic object or body part, and are believed to be implanted mentally at a young and tender age when sexuality is a blank canvas waiting for the first artist. When that early connection is made, then reinforced by successive events of sexual arousal and excitement, it becomes chiseled deep in the psyche and it is essentially impossible to erase.

Your best hope is to incorporate it into lovemaking activities that a lover finds desirable or satisfying. If you can find another foot fetishist that would be ideal, but your range is broader if you were to link up with a woman who also had some fetish so that you would be understanding of each other.


This question has been answered by Dr. William Fitzgerald, a.k.a. Sexdoc. He is a bona fide sex therapist. He is one of the sex therapists at the Silicon Valley Relationship and Sexuality Center, in Santa Clara, California. For more of Dr. Fitzgerald’s work, visitors can check out Ask the Sex Doc, his website devoted to answering questions about sex therapy, sexuality, and relationships.For more information visit:

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