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A lot of experimenters hate it when their theory doesn’t stand up to research, which is understandable. Personally, I love to be pleasantly surprised. I like it when our studies at Queendom reveal the unexpected, like just recently, when our research on gender roles indicated that younger men adopt more traditional beliefs, while older men have more contemporary beliefs. My pile of quirky, pleasantly surprising stats is getting bigger…and I like it.

As a colleague and I were reviewing some of the polls we run on Queendom, I thought it’d be fun to show readers some of the results – and show you just how quirky we really are. Some of the results were anticipated, some were amazing, while others left me scratching my head.

“Just as we suspected” poll results

  • 41% of women and 49% of men think that they are more intelligent than their partner.
  • 73% of women and 76% of men think it’s wise for a couple to live together before getting married.
  • 24% of women and 32% of men would forgive their partner for infidelity.
  • 68% of women and 72% of men rate their skills as a lover at 7 or higher (on a scale from 1 to 10). Not very modest, are we? To what degree that stat is actually true…who knows.
  • 23% of women and 5% of men lie about their weight.

“Pleasantly surprising” poll results

  • 54% of women wouldn’t feel any less attracted to their husband if he started losing his hair.
  • 49% of women and 32% of men wouldn’t feel any less attracted to their partner if he or she gained weight. (Go ladies!)
  • In a life and death situation, 46% of women and 61% of men would give up their life to save their partner. (Go gentlemen!)
  • Only 12% of men find a thin body attractive in women; 37% prefer someone who is fit/trim, 23% like curvy/voluptuous bodies, while 14% like a girl who has little extra weight on her. For women, 29% prefer a guy who has a little extra weight, 26% like fit/trim guys, 28% like thin guys, while 9% prefer muscular guys.
  • When we asked what aspect of a potential mate makes all the difference, 68% of women said personality, 20% said intelligence, 10% said looks, 2% said professional success. Did you read that? Only 2% of women care about how much a guy makes! For the guys, 51% consider personality essential, 22% intelligence, 27% looks, and less than 1% professional success.
  • Only 9% of women and 15% of men consider themselves “normal.” You know what that means? It means that anyone who insults you by calling you “weird” is actually the one who is “abnormal,” because the majority of the world is just like you.
  • 71% of women and 46% of men believe in ghosts.
  • 77% of women and 65% of men believe in life after death.
  • 76% of women and 86% of men believe that there is life on other planets.

“What the heck? Say it isn’t so!” poll results

  • 32% of women and 28% of men would hire a private investigator if they suspected that their partner was cheating.
  • Any woman who assumes that her boyfriend/husband talks about their sex life to other guys could not be more wrong. A whopping 81% of women talk to other women about their sex life – compared to 64% of men.
  • More women than men dislike leg and underarm hair on women – 75% of women and 54% of men.
  • Only 42% of women and 42% of men are generally happy.
  • 36% of women and 9% of men are “terrified” of gaining 10 pounds.
  • When we asked which gender has an easier life:
    • 70% of the women said that men have it easier
    • 10% said that women have it easier
    • 20% said that men and women are on equal footing
    • 37% of men said that women have it easier
    • 40% said that men have it easier
    • 23% said that men and women are on equal footing

I’m so glad that I’m so abnormally normal.

Insightfully yours,

Queen D